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Thomas Velez

Who is Tom

Ministerial Credentials:

  • Christian International (CI) ordained minister,

  • Holds a Master’s Degree from CI

  • Decades of experience in church leadership

  • Functions in the five-fold offices of Teacher and  Prophet and with wife Fay, lead CI Prophetic Healing & Deliverance Ministry at CI Headquarters Vision Church (VCCI) in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

  • With wife, lead daily prayer ministry at VCCI

  • Serve on Prophetic Teams at VCCI

  • Fully believe in, flow in, and have been teaching these subjects and the Book of Revelation for over 40 years. 

  • A student of both Old and New Testaments of Holy Bible, and believe it to be  inspired Word of God. 

  • Have personally led many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues


Secular Credentials:

  •  A retired Aerospace Systems Engineer, with 50 years experience in the field, including over 9 years as an Air Force Officer.

  • Understands, planned, integrated, and managed complex technical projects.

  • Has unique background, including analyzing schedules and scenarios from different elements, operations, contractors, and their needs, inputs and outputs:

    • To be able to MERGE complex varied data from different sources and schedules into a single INTEGRATED MASTER SCHEDULE.


Important Facts and Qualifiers About the Book of Revelation:

  • The Book of Revelation is composed of many different overlapping stories/scenarios/visions, with corresponding references through the entire Bible. 

  • It is highly advantageous to have proven experience integrating and decomposing multiple complex scenarios and identifying common data points, to understand inter-relationships of characters, events, and timing: to understand the integrated story. 

  • This is an expertise developed in the secular fields of Systems Engineering and Program Management, in which I have 50 years of experience.

Important Facts and Qualifiers About Personal Spiritual Warfare:

  • People learn spiritual warfare through experience, both by believing what the Bible says about it and by experiencing demonic attacks of some variety.

  • People grow in proficiency by learning more about what the Bible says, and trying it-BY DOING IT.  With this experiencing and growth, God allows demonic attacks against you to practice on, to learn by winning successively bigger and bigger battles, all in an environment protected by God, who will not let you become overwhelmed by it.  It is God's boot camp for His warriors, His army.  Like all soldiers in an army, all are supposed to go through boot camp and learn to fight, no matter what their later specialty may be.  

  • As any military person knows, you cannot win a war by just being on the defense.  You must go on the offense, take the fight to the enemy.  Otherwise, the enemy will pick the time and place and circumstances of the attack, including surprise, that is to their best advantage. 

  • First, you must be willing to fight and second, you must be willing to fight the enemy BEFORE they get you your home territory: YOUR TURF.

Why is Tom different?

Technical skills:

  • I have 50 years real (physical) world experience of dealing with, and integrating, complex engineering and program management developments, scenarios, and schedules,


Military skills:

  • I have 9 years as  military officer, including several years as a war planner.

Communication skills:

  • I have 50 years real (physical) world experience of simplifying technical and complex communications and concepts, across many technical, managerial, financial, legal, and marketing fields, to ensure precise, concise,  correct and documented understanding among people of dissimilar expertise and varied backgrounds: to explain this in common, easily understood, everyday language, charts, schedules, and definitions.


Teaching skills:

  • I have over 40 Years experience Teaching Book of Revelation, and both Old and New Testaments books, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and giving hundreds of military and engineering briefings and sermons and other teachings.


Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit:

  • With my wife, we have over 30 years experience in team ministry, personally prophesying to individuals, and teaching others to hear Holy Spirit, to flow in gifts of the Holy Spirit and prophesy, 


This unique combination of the technical, military, communicative, and spiritual EXPERIENCE enables this author to discern the Lord's leading and to build this verse-by-verse commentary called "Understanding the Book of Revelation" and the corresponding simple storybook form explanation of it, called "Antichrist Invades Earth", as well as the how-to teaching manual "Personal Spiritual Warfare".  I have also written the book "Army of the Lord Arising" telling what the Lord has shown me about the Who What, When, Why and How this will happen.  I have also written the book "God Saved My Life 29 Times", to demonstrate God and Angelic intervention in my life, and to encourage you to reflect how God has come to your assistance in your own life. With my wife, we now teach other courses as well.


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